måndag 20 maj 2013

Hotel made on ICE "SWEDEN"


Home of the world's largest igloo, theJukkasjärvi Ice Hotel. Each fall, as the Arctic temperatures plummet, the Laplanders rebuild this celebrated igloo from 1,000 tons of ice and 2,000 tons of snow. Inside, it houses a church, hotel, gallery, golf room, cinema, and a bar--named, appropriately enough, the "Absolut Ice." Guests sleep in warm sleeping bags on mattresses of spruce boughs and reindeer skins. Temperatures average 25 ºF.

In addition to the novel accommodations, there is hearty, delicious fare to be had and plenty of things to do--including dog-sledding, skiing, helicopter rides, snowmobiling, and overnight wilderness camping. If you prefer warmer accommodations, there are also plenty of "regular hotels" nearby too, though you'll miss out on the certificate of survival the hotel hands out the next morning.

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