måndag 20 maj 2013

Swedish Fashion

Despite being aggressively fashion and trend-conscious, Swedes have a very practical approach to clothes. When we dress up, we don’t dress up too much. There’s not such a difference between how we dress at work, in our time off, and at parties.


Fashion and quality at the best price – that is H&M’s basic offer. There is also always something new happening at H&M: new products arriving, more stores opening and new campaigns being launched. That’s s what makes H&M inviting, exciting and constantly able to surprise the customer.
All H&M’s communication aims to build the H&M brand and to communicate those guiding principles, both in the long and short term.


Lindex has used organically-cultivated cotton since 2007. All of Lindex's business areas that include women's wear, kids' wear and lingerie have a number of garments made of organic cotton, recycled material and other alternative fibres that have less of an environmental impact than conventional fibres and materials.


VERO MODA is the brand of choice for the fashion-conscious, independent young woman who wants to dress well and pay less. VERO MODA offers quality, affordable and inspiring clothing for the young woman who wants to look good and have fun with her look. At VERO MODA, the customer finds the right clothes at the right price, and the opportunity to follow fashion on her own terms.


The ability to identify forthcoming trends is the basis of all fashion companies. The designers and purchasers are therefore found where new trends are being created and often on inspirational journeys. All impressions are collected into a number of guidelines which steer our collections. The guidelines serve as a starting point for the designers' work and offer examples of product types, silhouettes, colours and qualities.


KappAhl is aimed primarily at men and women between 30 and 50 years of age. In addition, they have clothes for children: from baby to "tweens", girls and boys between eight and fourteen. For all the target groups, there is underwear and beachwear as well as up-to-date accessories available. All designed by their own designers.


Cubus is one of Scandinavias' largest fashion retail chains with clothes and accesories men, women and children.  With more than 300 shops and over 2,000 employees, in six countries; Norway, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Germany and Finland, Cubus promote fashionable, high-quality clothes at reasonable prices.

To ensure that Cubus always has the latest fashions in their shops they have their own design and purchasing departments who are responsible for creating their collections.  Continuous quality control enables them to secure the high-quality of their products.  They can offer high-quality clothes at reasonable prices because of their direct control of the purchasing process and the volume of clothes they purchase, in addition to having very effective distribution channels. 

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